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Speedway 7226 4-in-1 Power Station Jump Starter, 12 VDC, 400 A Instant Power IP-1825FL Portable Jump Starter, 12 VDC, 255 A at 5 sec, 186 A at 30 sec STATION PWR STRT/AIR CMP 1250A
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Speedway 7226 4-in-1 Power Station Jump Starter Instant Power IP-1825FL Portable Jump Starter STATION PWR STRT/AIR CMP 1250A
Rechargeable 17 amp sealed lead acid battery. Cigarette lighter plug output for running DC appliances with 12 volt DC supply. Provides up to 50 hours of use. Battery test switch, color coded battery meter. 260 PSI built-in air compressor serves as an immediate air supply. On off switch and pressure gauge for compressor on back of unit. 3.6 watt built in light. ABS hi- impact body with an oversized carry handle. 4 AWG booster cables with 400 amp clamps. 400 crank amps, 900 peak amps. With overload protection. Includes AC-DC power cord, 26" air compressor cord, 120 volt adapter, ball inflating needle and 2 raft tips. A portable power unit that has a maintenance free, 18 ampere hour battery with a 12-volt DC power source and #6 gauge, 28" cable that stays flexible in cold temperatures. Includes a convenient built-in charger transformer for automatic charging of the internal battery. Connect an extension cord to plug in the back to recharge. The LED indicator helps to monitor the charging of the internal battery, full power, 75 percent charged or 50 percent or less. Portable unit for an auto or boat. Durable, rust and corrosion-proof with a polypropylene case that resists fuels and solvents. 12 volt outlet. 300 CCA, 950 peak amps. Power station with jump starter and air compressor. Compact power hub. Dual AC/DC and two USB ports for mobile devices. 2 DC power outputs run any 12V home appliance or automotive accessory device. 2 AC power outputs work for any 120V home appliance or standard power cable. Built-in jump starter with 1250 amps of starting power. 150 PSI compressor with air pressure gauge on the back. Comes with 8-gauge, 24" cables and color-coded clamps that attach to the back of the power station. Built-In LED work light. Built-In flashlight. Spark proof protection, protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, overheating, overcharging and overcurrent.