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GE Silicone II GE50G.01 Specialty Silicone Sealant With BioSeal, 10.1 oz, Cartridge, Clear, Paste Dap 18377 Dap 3.0 Gutter/Flashing Sealant, Exterior - Premium, Crystal Clear Henry HE900104 Paintable Flashing Sealant, 10.3 oz, Cartridge, Gray, Liquid
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GE Sealants GE50G.01 Silicone II Gutter/Flashing Sealant SEALANT GUTTER/FLASH CLEAR 9OZ Henry HE900104 900 Roof/Flashing Sealant
GE Silicone 2+ Gutter 100% Silicone is a 100% waterproof and weatherproof sealant for use with metal or vinyl gutters and additional exterior applications. It applies to wet or dry surfaces, can be exposed to rain in as little as 30 minutes and cures in 24 hours. It is permanently flexible and will not shrink or crack when subject to ultraviolet rays or freezing temperatures. Adhere to porous materials such as brick and mortar. Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces and in extreme temperatures, 20-degree F to 120-degree F. The crystal clear color blends in with most building material substrates and is water resistant and paintable in just 30 minutes. Won?t crack or shrink. Meets ASTM C920 type S grade NS class 25. Low odor and VOC compliant. Superior adhesion for roofing, flashing and construction applications, most flexible and durable sealant, paintable.
Sealant Gutter Alum Gry 10.1oz - Case of 12 SEALANT ROOF REPAIR GRY 10.5OZ
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Dap 18188 Gutter/Flashing Sealant SEALANT ROOF REPAIR GRY 10.5OZ
Provides a durable, flexible and watertight sealant for gutters, drainspouts, lap joints, flashings, roof vents, aluminum siding and other metal joints. Stands up to weather and temperature extremes. Meets ASTM Specification C 1085. Covers 56 linear feet at an 3/16" bead. Provides single-step roof repair application for ease and convenience. One coat with no fabric reinforcement needed. Permanent seal that remains flexible and strong. Topcoat with acrylic or silicone Kool Seal Coatings. Can be used to seal and waterproof flashings, seams, Penetrations, Sky Lights, Gutters, HVAC Base Flashing, Chimneys, Vents, Hatches, Pitch Pans, Stacks, Solar Panel Penetrations, Termination Bars, Parapet Walls, Scuppers, Drains, Fasteners, Valleys and more.