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Linzer RM115 Bucket Grid, 1 gal, 9 in L x 4-3/4 in W, 1/4 in T, Plastic, Red? Foampro 60 Paint Can Grid, 1 gal, 10 in L x 4 in W, 1/4 in T MintCraft CW921 2-Sided Paint Bucket Grid, 5 gal, 13 in L x 10 in W, Flexible Handle, Galvanized Frame
Our Price: $2.39
Our Price: $2.39
Our Price: $2.79
Linzer RM115 Bucket Grid Foampro 60 Paint Can Grid Mintcraft CW921 Paint Bucket Grids
No paint tray needed. Ideal for stirring and mixing, for use with 2" and 4" mini rollers. For stirring and mixing paint. Eliminates messy pouring of paint. Apply paint directly from a 1-gallon can with rollers up to 4" wide. Snaps under paint can lip for storage and to make room for large diameter rollers. No paint tray needed. 4" x 10" x 1/4". Two-sided wrapped galvanized frame 13" x 10".
Linzer RM150 4-Sided Heavy Duty Bucket Grid, For Use With 1 gal Cans, Steel, Silver Wooster Brush F0001 Heavy Duty Wire Spreader Screen, For Use With 5 gal Buckets, Steel, Silver MintCraft CW941 4-Sided Paint Bucket Grid, 5 gal, 12 in L x 10 in W, Galvanized Frame
Our Price: $2.99
Our Price: $3.49
Our Price: $3.79
Linzer RM150 Paint Bucket Grids Wooster F0001 Paint Bucket Grids Mintcraft CW941 Paint Bucket Grids
Fits one gallon cans. 4 sided. For buckets & paint trays. Size: 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2-1/2". Light-quality expanded steel wire bright galvanized finish. Reinforced edges on all sides. 10" wide x 11-1/2" long. All 4 sides wrapped galvanized frame 12" x 10".
Grid Paint Bucket Gallon - Case of 10 Grid Paint Bucket Metal 2 Gal - Case of 12
Our Price: $19.99
Our Price: $45.99
Whizz 57100 Paint Bucket Grids Linzer RM414 Paint Bucket Grids
Fits in a gallon can. Converts gallon can into paint loading system. Compatible with all whizz 2" and 4" rollers. Plastic construction. Will not rust. May be sealed-in can. Easy to clean. Fits 2 gallon cans. 4 sided. Heavy duty, for buckets and paint trays.