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Speed-Line 54-190K Level Kit, 200 ft, 1/4 in At 100 Feet Accuracy CST 55-SLVP24ND Automatic Level Kit, 1/16 in, 300 ft Berger - Speed 54-200K Transit Level Kit, 200 ft, 20X, 1/4 in at 75 ft Accuracy, Aluminum
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LEVEL KIT W/TRIPOD/ROD 20X PWR CST 55-SLVP24ND Level Kit Berger - Speed 54-200K Transit Level Kit
Built-in sunshade with protected eyepiece; 20X power magnification; large coated achromatic lens with fixed cross hairs; rubber eyepiece cap. Features 8 ft. telescoping sighting rod graduated in feet and inches, leveling accuracy is 1/16in. at 100 feet, working range with rod is 300 feet, all-weather, waterproof construction and top-mounted peep sight. Handles home building, roadwork, excavations and more.  Includes: (1) level, (1) aluminum tripod, (1) plumb bob, (1) wrench, (1) adjusting pin and (1) hard carrying case. Features rough angle turning and fine tuning adjustments with 5/8in.?11 threaded universal base, 15 minute horizontal circle, 1 degree vertical arc, two 11?12 minute plate vials for accuracy. The leveling base has 3 leveling screws, telescope turns sideways, you can plumb walls, set slopes, true forms and align poles and fence posts. Unit has clamps and tangents to bring instrument quickly on target. Used by  builders who require rough angle turning and fine tuning. Includes: (1) transit level, (1) aluminum tripod, (1) telescoping rod, (1) allen wrench, (1) carrying case.